Make The Biggest Profit From Almost Every Price Movement

✅ Unique Algorithm with Highly Profitable Signals
✅ MT4 + MT5 Compatibility
Swing + Breakout Trading System
✅ Price Action System as a gift
✅ One-time payment (no recurring fees)
✅ Windows/Mac OS compatibility
$125.00* $39.99
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The solution for turning confusion into clarity.

If you are a beginner or advance trader, you can benefit from the tools used and developed by the professionals in this business. It can make you better at trading and boost your confidence when entering a trade.

When Exactly To Open And Close Your Trades To Make The Biggest Possible Profit From Almost Every Price Movement

Our signals are non repaint, appear in real-time, and are locked in on candle close.

➠ Sound Alerts
➠ Pop-Up Alerts
➠ Email Alerts
➠ Push Notifications


TOP System for Price Action and Scalping Trading

✅ Indicator can scan multiple markets at the same time. Each market can be added or removed.
✅ Trend Stregth Index
✅ Built-in position size calculator
✅ Last Trades Curve (The result is in pips)
📈 Swing + Breakout + Price Action System 📈
$125.00*​ $39​.99


➡ Non-Repainting Trading System for MT4 & MT5
➡ Profitable Trading Signals for all Markets
➡ Early detection of market trends and reversals
➡ Buy and sell levels with ideal entry chances
➡ Timely profit taking through target levels
➡ Trailing stop loss levels to protect your profits
➡ Built-in position size calculator
➡ Profit optimization through integrated money management
➡ A well-thought-out filter trading algorithm
➡ Automatic stop loss and take profit signals
➡ Trading systems can be used on all time frames and markets
➡ Customer satisfaction through continuous systems improvement


April 10, 2023

I have been using this trading software for the past month and I have to say that it is one of the best I have ever used. It has made trading so easy for me and the accuracy is just amazing, at around 90%! I am really impressed with its performance and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trading.

In addition to the software itself, the customer service is also excellent. The team communicates well and responds to any inquiries or issues quickly, which is always appreciated. Overall, I am very satisfied with this software and the level of support provided by the company!

Juan Rodriguez
March 30, 2023

Great system! Should purchase and stick with it. You wont regret!

P/s: I bought it and just gained 9.6% in 3 days

Thien Khang
March 23, 2023

I have some great feedback for you.

1. Everything is working on point. The calculator works without a hitch thus far and is very accurate.

2. With the use of the system< I crushed the first phase of a trading challenge within a couple of hours with only three trades with a total profit of $852.

3. Finally, I'm in phase 2 of the challenge with a new account number, can you please activate the system for this account::

acct : ********

Derrick Cooper
March 15, 2023

Just got my upgrade package,as soon as finishing installation..i made profits immeadiately..what a powerful tool…Superb..💥💥

February 2, 2023

Bought it a couple of days ago. Its was cheap and was thinking about trying it out. Put like 8 trades now and all closed in profit. I was a bit sceptic tho but turned out to be quiet nice.

Erwin Fonke
January 30, 2023

Well done, Very good for scalping. I’ve been using the signal just to scalp. Just change a bit of settings and perfect for me XD . love it 🙂 definitely recommended.

Oeuvrais Yeap
January 27, 2023

I love this system ❤ so much clearer combined wit my strategy. super profit now for sure XD

Oeuvrais Yeap
December 12, 2022

Your system is easy to understand. It’s easy to decide. It’s easy to make money and easy to beat the market.

Start using yours from 1 – 8 december 2022

Sarayuth Pakkai
June 17, 2022

Hi, I want to thank you for your great contribution to the trader community. Your systems are amazing. Although I’ve been in the markets for over 10 years, I’ve never been as consistently profitable as I am now.

December 11, 2021

Awesome, thank you so much! I really appreciate your products.

📈 Swing + Breakout + Price Action System 📈
$125.00*​ $49​.99


This is Indicator or Expert Advisor?

These are semi-automatic systems / indicators for Metatrader. Positions do not open automatically.
You are in full control of your trades. These tools were built to be used as a standalone trading system or just as an additional tool within your own technical analysis.

How accurate are the signals?

We don’t provide back-testing data or a specific % for it’s accuracy since our System was designed as a trading system with many different factors to consider with our signals.

No bot or human can have a 100% hit rate in the markets. Our signals are meant to help traders hold winning positions and find good areas to take profit. 

Some use our signals just for directional confirmation & for checking their bias on the market, others strictly follow them and find success.

Does it repaint?

Our signals are non repaint*, appear in real-time, and are locked in on candle close.

* Repainting is where signals change based on data in the future to make them appear better than they really are.

Can I have manual PDF?

Of course, you will receive a PDF after purchase.

This is a lifetime membership?

Yes, this is a one-time purchase for the software license with no recurring fee.

Any avaliable for demo?

Unfortunately we do not have a demo version at this time.
Making the demo version limited in functionality is wrong because you won’t have a chance to try how all the features work. Providing a full version with lifetime restrictions means you will see the program cracked after some time on all torrent servers.
Implementing robust security system for demo version means its significant increase in price, and we want to make our programs affordable. Again, there is no 100% security guarantee. And we have invested several years of our lives in its development.
That’s why we do not have any demo versions of our programs. So we hope for your understanding and are ready to answer all your questions!

Does it work on olymp trade platform / tradingview...?

Currently, our product works on Metatrader (MT4 and MT5) and you can trade anywhere based on those charts, you won’t be able to directly see system on TradingView.
Many brokers have this terminal. maybe your broker has a MetaTrader too.

I need an alternative payment method like perfect money or crypto. Can you provide any?

You can pay on our website by card without opening a PayPal account.

We also accept cryptocurrency (find payment details below) and Perfect Money (our Perfect Money wallet is: U31875477).


[  our USDT address (TRC20) is: TQnVurSJDzBrbjVpyCdbQ7qfg2KxK81LxV]

2. BTC

[  our BTC address is: 1HwN5iyUzkt45Gif7tzNbAKEXD1pvBztEb]

Please let us know when the process is complete.

It's for crypto??

Our indicators and systems work just as well in the crypto markets.

This indicator will also work on the stock of nifty50. Is it works good in m5 or m1 time frame ?

You can use our indicators (systems) on all markets & time frames.

Once the purchase is made, could you install it on the pc, and connect it to Metatrader?

We can help you to install our System using TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Once I make a purchase what's the next step(s)?

We will activate your personal systems and send it within 4 hours (usually earlier) by email.

Once the purchase is made, could you install it on the pc, and connect it to Metatrader?

We can help you to install our System using TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Is this trading system compatible with MT5 trading platform?

Both versions are available, MT4 and MT5, and you can have both.

Can this indicator be used to trade volatility 10,25,50,75 and 100 indexes on mt5?

Yes of course.

Can i use it in any time frame specially for scalping 5-15-30 min. time frame...

You can use our system on all markets & time frames.

Is it suitable for beginners, or is it more for experienced traders?

Our trading systems are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced traders.

You don’t need much experience to understand our Systems. 

However, trading can be difficult and can take time to learn regardless of our signals on your charts. If you’re new to trading / technical analysis in general, we recommend paper-trading at first using our standard signals until you get more familiar with how it all works.
There is no magic bot that can immediately make you money on auto-pilot. Our signals can help you develop a directional bias on multiple timeframes and get you to take profit / wait out of trades which most other indicators can’t exactly communicate.