Swing Trading System 1.27​

Swing Trader idea and implementation

All price movings essentially consist of swings (price fluctuations), so you have to use these fluctuations in intelligent way to make a profit. You can always find some fluctuations, no matter at what stage the market is currently in. It can be found in trend phases, but also occur in lateral movements. In this strategy we would like to focus only on pullbacks.

A pullback (dip) is a counter movement within a trend. These pullbacks always provide excellent trade opening opportunities. In the same time we have a good opportunity to get into an existing trend with minimal risk. When a trend direction is recognized we can make a profit from it by opening position when a price is reached dotted line. The more touch points price levels have, the more important they are.

When Exactly To Open And Close Your Trades To Make The Biggest Possible Profit From Almost Every Price Movement

The system includes:
➠ Adaptive Trend Channel and Swing Signal Indicator
➠ Trading Calculator

➠ Sound Alerts
➠ Pop-Up Alerts
➠ Email Alerts
➠ Push Notifications

Reliable signals 100% percent no repaint

Supports all Markets & Timeframes.

Swing Trading System



This is a semi-automatic system for MT4 (positions do not open automatically). Not EA.

This is a one-time payment. No monthly fees required.

We will send our system by email within 4 hours after your payment.

Our system are 100% non-repainted.

We provide a detailed description. Also, we can help you to install our System using AnyDesk (https://anydesk.com/ ).

Please contact us us, if you have any difficulties with payment.